Widely Applied in Different Fields

Metro & Train

For safe and efficient railway operations, critical components must work correctly. Continuous maintenance and monitoring of rail car wheels and essential moving elements is vital. SkyMEMS Accelerometers are used to monitor several types of mechanical motions such as inertial force (acceleration), tilt (inclination), vibration and shock.

SkyMEMS produces accelerometers based on silicon MEMS capacitive sensors, which enjoy higher performances in terms of size, power, reliability, long-term stability, signal to noise and robustness, which is suitable for today’s ever-evolving field of railway transportation.

high speed train

CRH High Speed Train

Acceleration sensors are widely used in high-speed rail systems. They can detect and measure various forms of mechanical motion, including inertial force (acceleration), tilt, vibration, and shock. Capacitive acceleration sensors are ideal for railway system applications due to their outstanding performance in terms of long-term stability, temperature stability and accuracy.

The MA1000A capacitive accelerometer is a high-performance accelerometer based on capacitive MEMS. This series of accelerometers uses high-performance ASIC and MEMS sensors to form a closed-loop system with excellent performance in noise, dynamic range, non-linearity, repeatability, temperature drift, shock resistance, etc. it is currently one of the most competitive products in the industry.

MA1000 MEMS capacitive accelerometers are famous for their high reliability under harsh conditions and have been successfully qualified for safety critical railway applications.

metro train

Metro Train

MA1000A MEMS capacitive accelerometers are also widely used in metro train, they offer the best performance stability with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the marketplace. Each product is fully tested and qualified to the highest SkyMEMS standards. It embeds a self-test function for your confidence at all time.

SkyMEMS accelerometers are successfully operating in metro trains in more than 15 cities in China.