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Technical Support


Though SkyMEMS’s sensors enjoys very high reliability, SkyMEMS knows that the sensors may be damaged in the field during the course of work, then please contact the SkyMEMS to help the reparation.

If the failed sensor caused by non-human factors, and the sensor is under warranty, we will repair, calibrate, and test it fully again to make it as the new one, and we will undertake the relative costs including the material cost, maintenance cost and the shipping fee. If the failed sensor can’t be repaired, we will send u a brand-new one, and undertake the shipping fee, too. If the failed sensors caused by non-human factors, but the sensors are out of warranty, we will repair them and only charge the material cost and the shipping fee.

If the failed sensor is caused by obvious human factors such as damaged casing, power line wrong connection to damage the boards, we will repair it, and the customer will undertake the material cost and delivery expense. If the sensors cannot be repaired, we will recommend the customer to buy a new one at a certain discount price.

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Inertial sensors have to be calibrated in a certain period (one year or two years) to ensure accurate and precise results. We perform this task for you by calibrating accelerometers, gyroscopes, tilt sensors, IMU and other inertial sensors. Our calibration service includes a quality check, a firmware update, cleaning, and if required, a calibration in temperature and dynamics.

Our calibration department employees use an advanced calibration system for all calibrations, and we have invested heavily in a world-leading calibration facility, so that we can provide fast and reliable calibration services.

Technical Consult

If you have any questions, please contact with us, our experts and engineers will provide u warm service with heart.

7/24-hour technical support hotline: +86 133 7203 8516

Email: support@skymems.com

Online Service

SkyMEMS will provide online technical support, our expert and engineer will communicate with you!

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Custom Solutions

When a standard sensor or solution cannot meet your specifications or budget, our ODM center engineers have the technical expertise and abundant application experience to work with you to develop a custom solution. SkyMEMS is able to provide customized variants of its standard MEMS accelerometers, MEMS gyroscopes, inclinometer, electronic compass, IMU, AHRS, GNSS/INS integrated navigation system and fiber optic gyro to suit specific customer and market needs. Below are a few examples of possible custom solutions available:

  • Customized physical and electrical interface
  • Casing, cable and repackaging
  • IP protection level selection
  • Dynamic Range, Scale Factor and Bandwidth optimization
  • Thermal optimization
  • Structure and size
  • MEMS accelerometer and gyro selection
  • Hybrid IMU configuration
  • Shock resistance level selection
  • GPS/Beidou/Glonass integration
  • Auxiliary sensors added
  • Customer specific qualification and production testing
  • Simulation calculation

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

SkyMEMS built a professional ODM center takes great satisfaction in providing customers with a broad range of custom application-specific solutions at fast delivery, and the cost is affordable.