Why Do We Need One Professional Customer-oriented R&D Center?

In different practical applications, the measurement and control products have very different technical and environmental requirements, and even different installation positions can affect the product’s performance. Therefore, the product’s applicability is particularly important for specific applications, including accuracy, size, interface, and installation, temperature, power consumption, vibration/shock requirements, etc. These aspects should be fully considered during product selection, it is hard that the existing product can satisfy all the special requirements, so it is particularly important to design the measurement products that meet the customer’s the technical requirement under the budget, and be able to do stable batch production in the future. Therefore, a dedicated customization ODM center is needed to provide solutions to meet different applications.

SkyMEMS has abundant customer-oriented design experience and normative procedures, and let customer join the design together. Based on the advanced R&D center, SkyMEMS has developed the special products and systems for different customers in different fields. Currently the customer-oriented products have been widely used in astronautics, aeronautics, navigation, vehicle-mounted application, unmanned aircraft, target drone, underwater robot, automation control, intelligent medicine, etc.

SkyMEMS has served the famous companies in aerospace , defense, safety, navigation and mechanical engineering in China, and it can provide high quality customer-oriented solutions for global customers.


Why SkyMEMS ODM Center?

     1.Fast Delivery, Quality Assured

According to customer’s technical requirements, SkyMEMS can provide customer-oriented product or system solutions within one week, and complete prototype product verification within one month, which can satisfy customer’s technical and quality requirements. SkyMEMS will continue to optimize the ODM process and pursue faster customized services.

  1. Abundant ODM experience

SkyMEMS has customized hundreds of products for around 100 customers until now. It has rich experience in product customization and mass production of customized products. SkyMEMS has formed a product customization database, which contains hardware design and software codes, and customization processes for different applications. Which can make SkyMEMS to provide ODM service quickly, and effectively avoid risks during customization process, and the follow-up mass production is fully considered to lay a solid foundation for future mass production.

  1. Full Service

The delivery of customized products to customers is just the beginning of the SkyMEMS customer service. During the customer testing process, our after-sales engineers and R&D engineers will closely cooperate with customers and continuously optimize the software and hardware of customized products based on the actual test results in actual applications. And finally, the customer-oriented designed product can be mass-produced.


Customer-oriented Design Procedures:

  1. Customer requirements survey by SkyMEMS technical team;
  2. Actual application environment observation;
  3. Communicate with customers, and clarify the technical specs one by one;
  4. Prototype product design and sample production;
  5. Testing sample and operation in customer side, forming feedback and modification
  6. Product modification and model released.

SkyMEMS has word class advanced simulation measurement environment and advanced test equipment, and can provide perfect customer-oriented solution for customers to realize win-win cooperation.