Widely Applied in Different Fields


Our advanced inertial systems including MEMS accelerometer, MEMS gyro, inertial measurement unit, vertical gyro, electronic compass, inclinometer, fiber optic gyro enjoy high performance, high accuracy and good cost-effective and high reliability, they are ideal solution for Machine Control applications such as engineering machines, drilling applications, solar and power system, antenna tracker system, and smart agriculture, etc.

1 engineering machine

Engineering Machinery

Construction machinery is an important part of the equipment industry, it is mainly used in transportation construction, energy industry construction and production, mining and other raw material industry construction and production, water conservancy construction, industrial and civil construction, urban construction, environmental protection and other fields.

As the leader in inclinometer measurement field, SkyMEMS has developed different types of inclinometers which have different measurement accuracy and different interfaces, the interfaces include CAN bus, RS485, RS232, current, voltage, etc. SkyMEMS inclinometers and vertical gyros have been widely used in engineering machines such as cranes, aerial work platforms, pile drivers and other construction machinery, which has military quality, super reliability and survivability in harsh environment, and have gained the high praise from the customers.

2 Drilling application

Drilling application

Sensing technology is a vital technology in the energy field, especially the oil and gas market, MEMS accelerometers are the most widely used sensors in these industries, such as inertial measuring (directional drilling), monitoring the vibration, angular tilt and impact of low-frequency seismic signals. Due to the high adaptability of the energy market, MEMS accelerometers are becoming more and more popular because they still have reliability and accuracy under harsh conditions.

The MEMS accelerometer specifically designed by SkyMEMS are for very accurate drilling navigation and directional drilling applications. SkyMEMS’s sensors can work normally under extreme temperatures, high-frequency vibrations or strong shocks, thereby ensuring their long-term stability. The sensors developed and produced by SkyMEMS are widely used in down-drilling precise tilt measurement (measurement while drilling) and logging records, platform stability, tilt measurement and oil well drilling equipment.

3 power monitoring

Power Monitoring

The solar automatic tracking device is a device used to track the sun so that the main optical axis of the energy collector is always parallel to the sun’s rays. To increase the energy density, the plane of the energy collector must always be perpendicular to the incident light of the sun, and the sun’s light must be focused at the same time. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to keep track of the sun in the two azimuths of azimuth and altitude during use, so that the energy collector is always aligned with the sun from sunrise to sunset, so as to improve the utilization rate of solar energy.

For the solar automatic tracking control system, SkyMEMS has developed a low-cost inclination sensor. The inclinometer sensor is combined with a mechanical device to track the sun, which greatly improves the tracking efficiency, realizes automatic angle correction, and effectively solves the accumulation of errors that change over time. SkyMEMS is willing to provide you with a mature technical solution for the solar automatic tracking control system.

4 Antenna Tracker

Antenna Tracking

In order to ensure communication quality, usually the antenna needs to be aligned, the antenna pointing error must be small enough, and the antenna tracking system makes the antenna pointing error reach and keep the minimum value. The electronic compass, vertical gyroscopes, IMU and GINSS/INS integrated navigation systems developed and produced by SkyMEMS are widely used in antenna alignment systems. They can accurately provide heading, roll, and pitch angles and other auxiliary signals, and they are widely used in satellite antenna servo systems, mobile communication and other applications.

5 Agriculture Machine

Intelligent Agriculture

Nowadays MEMS sensors are widely used in many agricultural machinery including ploughs, paddy field graders, harvesters, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, rice transplanters, tractors, pesticide sprayers, etc. SkyMEMS is a professional manufacturer of MEMS measurement and control products,and has developed a series of various types of vertical gyro, IMU and integrated navigation system to satisfy different precision requirements with different interfaces, and these sensors and systems are widely used in agricultural machinery. SkyMEMS have won great praise from users for their ultra-high reliability and survivability in harsh environments.