Quality Control 2

Quality Control

SkyMEMS cherishes quality as the life of the company, it has very professional test team and advanced test instruments, has a strict company test standards, which ensures that the equipment from SkyMEMS enjoys very high reliability.

For Quality control, SkyMEMS pay highly attention to it from product design to final product application in the customer side, during product development, the technical team selects components carefully, and adopts the most optimized proposal, which can assure the quality advantage since the product design; during production, SkyMEMS adopts strictly quality control according to the quality standards to assure the product quality; during the product test period, SkyMEMS uses advanced test equipment, and adopts the strictest test methods to guarantee the highest quality.

Quality Control 1

SkyMEMS has formed the strictest quality control procedures, from product design, component selection, precise production, factory test, which has formed the SkyMEMS’s special 12-step quality control, which increase rapidly the product reliability.