Our anti-high shock inertial navigation systems include IMU, GNSS/INS, they are widely used for precision guide weapons and other tactical weapons, its super reliability and interference resistance assure its high performance in war field environment.

Precision Guide Weapon
Most of precision guide weapon requires small volume, light weight and high anti-shock ability, more and more precision guide weapon adopts small size, light weight, high anti-shock MEMS inertial module to integrate inertial measurement unit.
Currently, some models of precision guide weapon adopt SkyMEMS inertial products, which excellent performance and super reliability have gained the customers’ high praise.

Guided Bomb
A guided bomb is also known as a smart bomb, guided bomb unit is a precision-guided munition. With guided bomb, it can increase the weapon efficiency, fewer soldiers are put at risk, less ordnance spent, and collateral damage reduced.
SkyMEMS inertial component and systems are widely used in the guided bombs, its enjoys high shock resistance, which can assure the guided bomb in well guided in super shock status.