High Performance Inertial Measurement Unit for Robot and UAV IMU60

- High Precision 6 DoF MEMS IMU with Full Calibration

- 7 Sensor Outputs: angular rate (x3), linear acceleration

  (x3), temperature; Data Output Rate: 100Hz

- Range: Gyro ±300°/s, Acc ±2g, (ODM supported)

- Bias Instability: Gyro 24°/h, Acc ±70mg

- Wide Input Power Range: 5~18VDC

- Compact and Light weight: 50 x 45 x 21 (mm), 70g

- Wide Working Temperature: -40°C~+85°C


IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit is a high performance 6 DoF MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit providing precise 3-axis outputs of angular rate and acceleration, and temperature, at 100Hz.

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit adopts latest capacitive technology and advanced MEMS components, which reduces the cost deeply. The system enjoys small size and light weight, it features a Mil-Standard connector and is housed in an ultra-durable and compact aluminum housing.

IMU60 has been widely applied in Automonous Vehicles and ROVs, Machine Control, Precision Agriculture, Platform Stabilization, Antenna Pointing, etc.

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit is a high performance 6 DoF MEMS-based inertial sensors, which has been widely used in the following fields:
- UAS Navigation & Control
- Platform Stabilization
- Movement Control System
- Robotics Control
- Antenna Pointing


IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit widely used in UAS Navigation & Control

UAV is unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers.
SkyMEMS IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit can provide continuous acceleration and gyro angle for the UAV, which is widely used in UAV flight control.

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit widely used in Platform Stabilization

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit can work in dynamic environment, and provide accurate angle and acceleration information, which is widely used in small boat and ship and other different platforms.

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit widely used in robotics control system

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit can work in dynamic environment, and provide accurate angle and acceleration information, which is widely used in robotics control system.

Why Selecting IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit ?

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys high performance and accuracy, and high reliability with competitive price.It is a popular inertial measurement unit sensor in the market, which has the main following advantages:


1. High Accuracy,High Performance and Powerful Functions

IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit is a precision 6 DoF MEMS inertial measurement unit, which enjoys excellent technical advantages:
- Range: acc ±2g, gyro ±300°/s,  (ODM supported)
- Acc Bias Instability: ±70mg, Gyro Bias Instability: 24°/h
- Data Update Rate: 100Hz
- Wide Input Power Range: 5~18VDC
IMU60 Inertial Measurement Unit adopts big brand components, high-class glue encapsulation, advanced production craft, and fully calibrated, which assured that our products have real actual precise and perfect performance.


2. Aerospace Level Reliability, 12-step Strictest Quality Control

We have advanced product test team and measurement equipment, and we cherish the quality as the life of the company, all our products must pass the strictest quality control procedures, our unique 12-step quality control assures our products enjoy top level quality.


3. Competitive Price, ODM supported

With strict cost control and massive production, we can provide the most competitive cost effective prices, and we have abundant ODM service experience for customers around the world, that is why we can build up long term win-win cooperation with our customers.


4. Successful Applications in Tens of Fields, 1000+ Customers are Using

We are continuously focusing on MEMS measurement & control technologies, and have developed the most advanced inertial measurement unit IMU60. and IMU60 has been widely used in UAS navigation & control, platform stabilization, movement control system, robotics control, antenna pointing, etc. and now more than 1000 customers are using our IMU around the world.


5. World-class Production Line, Fast Delivery

We have the world class production line to assure that the production procedures are scientific, precise and normative, which also can assure our products to be fast delivered.


6. Service with Heart, Professional Technical Support

We have the professional technical support engineer team, which can provide 24 hour technical support and excellent after-sale service.
Serving customers with heart is the principle of SkyMEMS, Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development.
We treat our customers with heart, customers' satisfaction is the direction and target of SkyMEMS. Through continuously technology innovation and service upgrading, we will realize win-win cooperation with customers.

Q: How long is the delivery time of the products?

A: Usually we have stock for every type of products, if the product that you selected we have in stock, then we only need to re-test it before leaving the factory, so the delivery time is around 1~2 days; if we don’t have them in stock, then we need to arrange the production, the delivery time will be around 2 weeks. For the customer-oriented design products, our engineers will give the approximate delivery time according to the technical requirements.

Q: If needing to do the customer-oriented design product, what procedures will be followed?

A: If you want to do the customer-oriented design product, please contact with our pre-sale technical support engineer, or enter our ODM service in www.skymems.com, and write down the technical requirements online, our engineers will contact with u asap after we get your requirements. Then we will clarify the technical specs together, and confirm the customer requirements together, then start to do the sample developing.

Q: How about the payment conditions?

A: we accept 30% prepayment in advance, and the balance 70% payment before the delivery. For the customer-oriented design product, the payment will be discussed together.

Q: How long is the product warranty?

A: Usually, our product warranty is one year. If you want to have longer warranty period, please contact with your sales manager to buy longer warranty service. Our products enjoy very high quality, and its MTBF is more than 100000hours.

Q: How will we do if the product has the quality problem?

A: Our products have passed very strict tests before delivery, so it is very low probability to have quality problem. If our products have quality problem (not caused by man-made factors) in the warranty period, our factory will arrange the free repair. If the product can’t repair well, we will arrange to provide a new one. If the product is out of warranty time, we will provide the repair only charging the material cost.

Q: What fast express will be adopted during shipping?

A: we will select fast expresses such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT etc. according to customer’s requirements.