Five satellite navigation industrial clusters formed in China

February 28, 2017, millet company released a high-end positioning of the independent research and development chip surging S1, the move is considered to be a milestone in the Chinese chip industry events. Millet has since become after apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, global fourth companies at the same time chip and mobile phone production capacity, industry insiders said, millet research since the chip successfully released, the China enterprises together in the form of international competition, Chinese chip manufacturing is expected to rise to. Millet company chairman, founder and CEO Lei Jun said that the mobile phone industry is processor chip technology, is the tip of the Pyramid science and technology, if you want to become a great company in the industry, or in the core technology autonomy, companies can go far. Millet as a pursuit of the pursuit of scientific and technological exploration of the company, so the phone has been the pursuit of the ultimate user experience, so that the mobile phone chip can be better combination of soft and hard to achieve understanding of the future of millet phone. It is reported that the first batch of surging S1 chip using eight nuclear architecture, positioning in the high-end, has a smooth production and carrying on the simultaneous release of the new flagship mobile phone millet millet 5C, millet app’s first independent mobile phone chip price 1499 yuan. At the press conference, Millet’s national mobile phone red rice brand also released a new model of red rice 4X, which is followed by red rice Note4X, red rice brand in 2017 released second phones.