How to select the inclinometer for your application

How to select the inclinometer for your application?

There are so many types of inclinometers and so many manufactuers around the world, how to select the right inclinometer is the key importance for your application. To select the suitable inclinometer sensor, it is better to follows the following steps:

  1. Accuracy (full temperature range or room temperature)

If the inclinomter sensor is used in outside application, it is better to select inclinometer with full temperate compensation, then the accuracy can satisfy the application. The inclinomter’s accuracy is influenced easily by the temperature, if without temperature compensation, the error will be very high, in this condition, it can not output the useful angles.

SkyMEMS can provide the inclinometer sensor with full temperature range compensation according to your application environment, and the accuracy specs in SkyMEMS products are real actual test accuracy.

  • The number of axis

According to application, 1 axis or 2 axis should be selected

  • Measurement range

Please select the suitable measurement range for your application, for example, if range ±10°can satisfy the application requirements, then please select ±10°range, and don’t select bigger range, which can reduce the cost.

  • Output types

According to the application, please select the right output interfaces: voltage, current, RS485, RS232, MODBUS, etc.

  • Price

Price is also important issue for the application, SkyMEMS can provide the competitive price for your application after fully understanding your technical requirements. SkyMEMS has a professional ODM technical team which can provide the right solution for your application with competitive price.