FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope

Super high performance single-axis fiber gyroscope, bias stability ≤0.005°/h (room temperature), has been widely used in tactical grade applications.

  • Super High Performance Digital Fiber Optic Gyro
  • Higher Accuracy, Lower Noise and Greater Efficiency
  • Zero Bias Stability ≤ 0 .005 °/h (Normal Temperature)
  • Zero Bias Stability at Full Temperature ≤0.02°/h
  • Measuring Range: -300°/s~+300°/s
  • Scale Factor Non-linearity ≤10ppm
  • Bandwidth ≥200Hz
  • Working Temperature: -40~+60ºC

Brief Introduction

FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope from China factory is one standard super high accuracy closed loop fiber optical gyro, which enjoys very high accuracy, and it also features short startup time, small size, light weight, wide bandwidth, low power consumption, competitive price and excellent magnetic shielding advantages. FOG120H Fiber Optic Gyroscope adopts advanced integrated optics and closed-loop Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which has been widely used in attitude control, inertial navigation and integrated navigation, etc. FOG120H is the Right choice when selecting a precision solid-state gyroscope component for tactical grade applications.

Technical Specifications


Measuring Range  -300°/s~+300°/s
Zero Bias Stability <=0.005°/h (2h continous test, 100s (1σ) smoothing result)
Zero Bias Repeatability <=0.010°/h (6 test data calculation (1σ) result)
Zero Bias Stability at Full Temperature <=0.02°/h (-40~+60°C, 100s (1σ) smoothing result)
Zero Bias Repeatability at Full Temperature <=0.02°/h (-40~+60°C, 100s (1σ) smoothing result)
Scale Factor Non-linearity <=10ppm, room temperature (1σ)
Scale Factor Unsymmetry <=10ppm, room temperature (1σ)
Scale Factor Repeatability <=10ppm, room temperature (1σ)
Random Walk  Coefficient <=0.001°/√h
Start Time <=3minutes, the time from power-on output to reach accuracy
Bandwidth ≥200Hz
Communication Mode RS422
Working Temperature  -40~+60°C
Storage Temperature  -55~+85°C
Power Supply ±5VDC±5% (maximum shock current close to 2A)
Power Ripple 20mV
Power Consumption <=3W  (Room Temperture)
Power Consumption <=5W (Full Temperture -40~+60°C  )
Physical Characteristics
Demension 120mmÍ120mmÍ38mm
Weight 850±20g
Installation Hole Distance 94mmÍ94mm
Mounting Screws M6
Mounting Surface Accuracy Flatness<=0.01mm

Typical Application

FOG120H China Fiber Gyroscope enjoys high accuracy and super reliability with affordable price, and easy to be integrated into different systems, it is very suitable for tactical grade applications, and has been widely applied in the following fields: – underwater robotics navigation – north finder – unmanned aircraft guidance – antenna stabilization – land positioning orientation – marine gyrocompass

FOG120H fiber optic gyro from China factory has been widely used in underwater robotics navigation

Underwater robotics works underwater, where there is a GNSS signal, so underwater robotics usually adopt inertial navigation, some underwater robotics needs to work long time in sea or river, and the working environment is bad, so it requires its device need high performance. SkyMEMS can design different size of fiber optic gyro to meet different types of underwater robotics, and the accuracy is assured. So the flexible solution can satisfy our customers’ requirements. Now SkyMEMS optic gyroscopes have been widely used in the underwater robotics around the world.

FOG120H fiber optic gyro has been widely used in north seeker

SkyMEMS is dedicated in the design and manufacture of fiber optic gyro systems, and FOG120H China Fiber Gyroscope manufacturer adopt closed-loop structure, enjoy high performance and stability, and SkyMEMS also can provide customer-oriented design to provide right solution for different applications, China FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope supplier have been widely used in different types of north finders.

FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope from manufacturer has been widely used in unmanned aircraft guidance

In cameras and antennas, stability is very important. SkyMEMS’s fiber optic gyros (FOG) are designed to provide maximum stabilization in different harsh environments. China FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope from supplier has been widely used in unmanned aircraft guidance.

Product Advantages

Why Selecting FOG120H China Fiber Gyroscope?

FOG120H China Fiber Gyroscope is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys high performance and real 0. 005° /h (1σ, fixed temperature) bias stability, and high reliability. It is a competitive high accuracy closed-loop fiber gyro sensor in the market, which has the main following advantages:

  1. High Accuracy, High Performance and Powerful Functions

FOG120H Fiber Gyroscope from China manufacturer is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys excellent technical advantages: – Super High Performance Digital Fiber Optic Gyro – Higher Accuracy, Lower Noise and Greater Efficiency – Zero Bias Stability ≤ 0 .005 °/h (Normal Temperature) – Zero Bias Stability at Full Temperature ≤0.02°/h – Measuring Range: -300°/s~+300°/s – Scale Factor Non-linearity ≤10ppm – Bandwidth ≥200Hz – Working Temperature: -40~+60ºC FOG120H fiber optic gyro adopts big brand components, advanced production craft, fully calibrated, advanced SkyMEMS algorithm, which assured that our products have real actual precise and perfect performance.

  1. Aerospace Level Reliability, 12-step Strictest Quality Control

We have advanced product test team and measurement equipment, and we cherish the quality as the life of the company, all our products must pass the strictest quality control procedures, our unique 12-step quality control assures our products enjoy top level quality.

  1. Competitive Price, ODM supported

With strict cost control and massive production, we can provide the most competitive cost effective prices, and we have abundant ODM service experience for customers around the world, the customer-oriented service includes providing special specification parameters, size, shape, interface, etc. which make it convenient for customers to optimize their system performance,   that is why we can build up long term win-win cooperation with our customers.

  1. Successful Applications in 10+ Fields, 100+ Customers are Using

We are continuously focusing on inertial technologies, fiber optic gyros is one of our important products, we have developed the most advanced and reliable fiber optic gyro series. and FOG120H China Fiber Gyroscope supplier is a middle-high accuracy fiber optic gyro, which has been widely used in tactical applications, such as  unmanned aircraft guidance, underwater robotics navigation, marine gyrocompass, land positioning orientation, and vehicle north finder, etc. and now more than 100 customers are using our fiber optic gyros around the world.

  1. World-class Production Line, Fast Delivery

We have the world class production line to assure that the production procedures are scientific, precise and normative, which also can assure our products to be fast delivered.

  1. Service with Heart, Professional Technical Support

We have the professional technical support engineer team, which can provide 24-hour technical support and excellent after-sale service. Serving customers with heart is the principle of SkyMEMS, Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development. We treat our customers with heart, customers’ satisfaction is the direction and target of SkyMEMS. Through continuously technology innovation and service upgrading, we will realize win-win cooperation with customers.


Q: What preparation work should do when testing our fiber optic module?

A: 1) During tests and using, it is better to add one metal base or heat dissipation Power supply: it is better to use laboratory power supply (which can display the current) during tests, then can judge the module’s status easily, when integrating the module into the system, DCDC power module can be selected, and the DCDC module select the one that has filter, if the dcdc module doesn’t have the filter, then please add one filter. When use laptop or PC to collect the data from our fiber optic module, please select the right data collecting card, the data collecting card should has photoelectric isolation ability. For more details, please contact with our sales.

Q: What input voltage should be provided for our fiber optic gyro?

A: ±5VDC±5%, and the current should ≥1A, so the impulse current can reach 1.5A at the moment of fiber optic gyro startup, this is very important, if the current is low, the fiber optic gyro may failed to start to work, if not work normally, the output data from FOG will be abnormal. And 15W power module (at least 10W) is recommended, for more details, please contact with us, we also can recommend the power module we used.

Q: What data type of the SkyMEMS fiber optic gyro?

A: it is integer data, this raw data divide by scale factor, the result is the angular rate (degree/s). the scale factor will be provided in the test report, every fiber optic gyro’s scale factor is different.

Q: Whether the fiber optic gyro lose data when outputting data at higher frequency?

A: please let us know what frequency you will use in your application, according to the frequency, and select the right baud rate, the fiber optic gyro will not lose data, and we also can provide solution based on your actual applications.

Q: How to calculate the temperature?

A: the actual temperature is the temperature data outputted by FOG divide by 16.

Q: Whether each FOG’s scale factor is different?

A: yes, right. Each FOG’s scale factor is different, but it is close for standard model, for the ODM FOG, the scale factor will change much.

Q: whether the connector and cable length can be selected?

A: yes, no problem, please let us know the connector type and cable length you want, then we can do it, and also different color cable can be selected.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: for our standard model, if we have them in stock, only need 2~3days to re-test before shipping, if it is out of stock, then need around 2 weeks to arrange the production and tests. For the ODM FOG product, if needing to modify the structure, it will need around 3 weeks to arrange the production and tests.

Q: How to arrange the payment?

A: about the payment, please pay to our company account, the beneficiary’s name: NANJING SKY MEMS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  And our email is only to contact with u formally. To notice this to avoid the loss.