VG200 Vertical Gyroscope

– Output: Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Acceleration, Angular Rate

– Heading: Diverging 0.2°/hour

– Attitude Accuracy: Static < ±0.1°, Dynamic< ±0.3°

– Range: Gyro ±500°/s / ±900°/s, Acc ±10g/ ±20g/ ±40g

– Wide Input Power Range: 5V or 9~36VDC

– Military Level Casing, High Survivability

– Compact and Lightweight: 50 x 45 x 21mm, 70grams

– Wide Working Temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Brief Introduction

VG200 vertical gyroscope is a high-performance standalone compact, high accuracy vertical gyro system, which is composed of 3-axis MEMS accelerometers and 3-axis MEMS gyros, and VG200 has temperature calibration and nonorthogonal error compensation, so it can output precisely three attitude angles (pitch, roll, yaw) and other auxiliary sensing signals (acceleration and angular velocity) of the carrier that the VG200 is installed.

VG200 vertical gyro adopts advanced MEMS components, which reduces the cost deeply, and it offers a highly-effective solution for cost-sensitive demanding applications. It enjoys small size and light weight, and it has been widely applied in UAV Flight Control, Unmanned Vehicle Control, Platform Stabilization, Robotics Control, Antenna Stabilization, Engineering Machines etc.




Technical Specifications

Parameter           ValueCommentsHeadingEnvironment ConditionsPower Supply

Range: Roll, Pitch ±180°(roll), ±90°(pitch)
Accuracy < 0.1°(1σ)
Dynamic Accuracy < 0.3°(1σ)
Resolution 0.01°
Range ±180°
Heading Drift <0.2°/h
Resolution 0.01°
Range: Roll, Pitch, Heading ±500°/s (default ) ±900°/s (optional)
Bias Stability 5°/h (Allen Variance)                      30°/h (1σ, 1s smooth)
Bias Repeatability 50°/h (1σ) test three times repeatedly
Non-linearity 0.05%FS
Angle Random Walk 0.45°/√hr Allen Variance, @25°C
Bias Over Full Temperature Range 0.3°/s -40~85°C
Bandwidth 133Hz
Sampling Rate 10000Hz
Range: X, Y, Z ±10g (default) ±20g,  ±40g(optional)
Bias Stability 0.03mg (Allan variance)                  0.15mg (1σ, 1s smooth)
Bias Repeatability 0.05mg (1σ) test three times repeatedly,
Non-linearity 0.1%FS
Noise Density 80μg/√Hz @10g
Bias Error Over Full Temperature 3mg -40~+85°C
Bandwidth 1~1000Hz
Sample Rating 3000Hz
Working Temperature -40~+85°C
Protection Level IP67
MTBF ≥25000hours
Input Voltage 5VDC or 9~36VDC
Power Consumption <0.5W
Communication Protocol
Default Interface RS232 (default) RS422, RS485 optional
Baud rate 460800bps (default) 115200bps, 230400bps, 921600bps can be set
Data Update Rate 500Hz 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 250Hz, 1000Hz can be set
Physical Parameter
Dimension 50mm*45mm*21mm
Weight around 70 grams
Connector 6 pin mini aviation connector
Location Hole 4 holes

Typical Application

VG200 MEMS vertical gyro is a high performance 6 DoF MEMS-based inertial sensors, which has been widely used in the following fields:

– Platform and Vehicle Leveling

– Robotics control

– Excavators

– Mobile Cranes

– UAV Flight Control

– Mobile Antenna Stabilization

– Mining vehicles

– Skid-steers

VG200 vertical gyroscope widely used in UAV Navigation

UAV is unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator or autonomously by onboard computers.

SkyMEMS VG200 MEMS vertical gyro can provide accurate heading and attitude status for the UAV, which is widely used in UAV flight control.

VG200 vertical gyroscope widely used in engineering machines

VG100 vertical gyro (dynamic inclinometer) outputs a clean measurement signal and can be used reliably on engineering machines such as construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, cranes, and anywhere else where sudden movements, shocks and vibrations are likely to be encountered.

And trucks with long boom extensions such as fire trucks or concrete pumps have to reach to high-rise buildings, often over large obstacles. SkyMEMS VG200 vertical gyro can be used to monitor the position of the boom arm or for base leveling. VG200 can provide accurate heading and attitude angles, and it can work in dynamic environment, which is widely used in engineering machines.

VG200 vertical gyroscope widely used in mobile antenna stabilization

Users of geostationary satellite-based communication systems must calculate the angles needed to point their transmitting antennas toward orbiting satellites. The satellite appears to remain in one spot in the sky. Pointing a satellite antenna at a geostationary satellite is a matter of calculating the elevation and azimuth for the ground station antenna so that it points directly at the orbital location of the satellite. To realize demands on satellite automatically and quickly, the vertical gyros can be used in vehicle-mounted antenna servo system

SkyMEMS VG200 vertical gyroscope can sense heading, pitch and roll at high accuracy in dynamic environment, and it has low power consumption, and can work in harsh environment. VG200 vertical gyroscope has been widely used in mobile antenna pointing.


Product Advantages

Why Selecting VG200 vertical gyroscope in your application?

VG200 MEMS vertical gyro is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys high performance and accuracy, and high reliability with competitive price. It is a popular vertical gyroscope in the market, which has the main following advantages:

  1. High Accuracy, High Performance and Powerful Functions

VG200 MEMS vertical gyro is a precision 6 DoF MEMS Vertical Gyro, it enjoys excellent technical advantages:

– Output: Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Acceleration, Angular Rate

– Heading: Diverging 0.2°/hour

– Attitude Accuracy: Static < ±0.1°, Dynamic< ±0.3°

– Range: Gyro ±500°/s / ±900°/s, Acc ±10g/ ±20g/ ±40g

– Wide Input Power Range: 5V or 9~36VDC

– Military Level Casing, High Survivability

– Compact and Lightweight: 50 x 45 x 21mm, 70grams

– Wide Working Temperature: -40°C~+85°C

VG200 MEMS vertical gyro adopts original big brand components, high-class glue encapsulation, advanced production craft, and fully calibrated, which assured that our products have real actual precise and perfect performance.

  1. Aerospace Level Reliability, 12-step Strictest Quality Control

We have advanced product test team and measurement equipment, and we cherish the quality as the life of the company, all our products must pass the strictest quality control procedures, our unique 12-step quality control assures our products enjoy top level quality.

  1. Competitive Price, ODM supported

With strict cost control and massive production, we can provide the most competitive cost-effective prices, and we have abundant ODM service experience for customers around the world, that is why we can build up long term win-win cooperation with our customers.

  1. Successful Applications in Tens of Fields, 1000+ Customers are Using

We are continuously focusing on MEMS measurement & control technologies, and have developed the most advanced Vertical Gyro VG200. and VG200 vertical gyroscope has been widely used in UAV flight control, platform and vehicle leveling, robotics control, excavators, mobile cranes, mobile antenna stabilization, mining vehicles, skid-steers, etc., and now more than 1000 customers are using our vertical gyro around the world.

  1. World-class Production Line, Fast Delivery

We have the world class production line to assure that the production procedures are scientific, precise, and normative, which also can assure our products to be fast delivered.

  1. Service with Heart, Professional Technical Support

We have the professional technical support engineer team, which can provide 24-hour technical support and excellent after-sale service.

Serving customers with heart is the principle of SkyMEMS, Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development.

We treat our customers with heart, customers’ satisfaction is the direction and target of SkyMEMS. Through continuously technology innovation and service upgrading, we will realize win-win cooperation with customers.



Q: What is the difference between the static inclinometers and dynamic inclinometers?

A: The static inclinometers are equipped with a 2D MEMS accelerometer serving as a sensor cell. This type of inclinometer allows high precision to be achieved in a static system, or when the machine only performs slow movements.

And the dynamic inclinometers (also called as vertical gyros) are equipped with a 3D MEMS accelerometer and a 3D MEMS gyroscope. An intelligent algorithm combines the signals from the accelerometer and the gyroscope to eliminate the effect of accelerations (e.g. due to rapid movement of equipment), vibrations and shocks.

VG100 vertical gyros belong to dynamic inclinometers, which can provide high accuracy tilt angle in harsh operating environments of high shock, acceleration, and vibration.

Q: What is Vertical Reference Gyro?

A: Vertical Gyroscope provides 3-axis angular rate, 3-axis acceleration and attitude output, it is used to stabilize or control ships and submersibles, to instrument automobiles, to stabilize antennas and many other applications. This vertical reference is especially suited for applications where there is limited bank and elevation such as ships, underwater vehicles, land vehicles, and camera stabilization. This is because the vertical reference uses a linear coordinate system.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: for our standard model, if we have them in stock, only need 2~3days to re-test before shipping, if it is out of stock, then need around 2 weeks to arrange the production and tests. For the ODM electronic product, if needing to modify the structure, it will need around 3~4 weeks to arrange the production and tests.

Q: How to arrange the payment?

A: about the payment, please pay to our company account, the beneficiary’s name: NANJING SKY MEMS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  And our email is only to contact with u formally. To notice this to avoid the loss.