What are the characteristics of an analog output inertial measurement unit? What are the ways to buy it?

There are many types of measuring equipment and instruments. Different measuring instruments will be selected in different regions to achieve more accurate measurement results. Among the many measuring instruments, analog output inertial measurement units have been selected a lot in recent years. Users who choose later recognize this kind of output inertial measurement unit equipment. But before you choose to buy it, you also need to know what are its characteristics? And how many ways to buy it.

What are the characteristics of the analog output inertial measurement unit?

High stability

The analog output inertial measurement unit gyroscope has relatively high bias stability. The general stability is 12 degrees/hour, and the accelerometer deception to stability is 0.13mg. Due to the high stability of these two aspects, the stability of the sensor will be more than doubled, and the accuracy can be improved in simplifying the system Kalman filtering.

Sampling speed can be increased three times

In terms of broadband, it can reach 330HZ, which can increase the sampling speed to more than three times, and it can sample 2.460SPS per second, so that the overall system can be better improved in terms of responsiveness.

Characteristics of other aspects

The inertial measurement unit also has obvious characteristics in other aspects. For example, it can perform continuous bias estimation, the user can configure the FIR gas bank, and Δ θ and Δ, which will improve system integration in terms of speed output, reduce system design complexity, and shorten the system implementation time. For example, the size of the image device can be reduced by 40%, and the application space can be saved, and the flexibility during installation can be greatly improved.

How to buy inertial measurement units

Purchase by dealer

There are many ways and means to buy analog output inertial measurement unit instruments, but purchasing them through dealers is more professional in this area, so buyers can avoid detours when recommending purchases, and also allows buyers to avoid spending more money. However, due to the large number of dealers in this area, some dealers do have relatively high integrity, and can also recommend good inertial measurement units for those who need it, but some are really not high enough in terms of integrity and are only pursuing benefits, so before purchasing, you must go through more comparisons and choose a dealer with high integrity to buy.

Online purchase

Since it is convenient and simple to buy various products online in our country, inertial measurement unit instruments can also be purchased online. However, online purchases also need to be understood and compared more, depending on which user buys more and leaves better comments, so that the inertial measurement units needed can be purchased through approved online channels.

Purchase by the manufacturer

This method is a relatively safe way to buy, because manufacturers generally guarantee quality in order to meet the needs of users. They also have a strong R&D team, and also pay attention to quality during the production process. Especially in the case of sales, in order to avoid making users spend more money wrongly, they will choose direct sales methods to sell, so that users can save more money when buying from other channels. In addition, the after-sales service is in place, so that buyers have no worries.

Reasons for different prices of inertial measurement units

Different purchase channels

Since different purchase channels will cause analog output inertial measurement unit instruments to vary greatly in price, when choosing a purchase channel, buy from the manufacturer as much as possible. Buying from a manufacturer is much cheaper in terms of price than buying in real life or from a dealer, including online. As long as you choose a qualified manufacturer, especially a strong R&D team, and rich experience, you can guarantee that the purchased inertial measurement unit instrument will be guaranteed in terms of quality and cost performance will also be very high.

Different specifications

Inertial measurement units purchased have different specifications, and prices will also vary. You should choose the specifications that suit you before purchasing. Whether the price is high or low, only if it suits you can make yourself more satisfied when using it. Even if the price is higher, because the operation is convenient and simple during use, and the effect achieved is good, the user can be more satisfied with the use after purchase.

Imported products

Currently, when purchasing inertial measurement units, some are domestic products and some are imported products. There will also be a big difference in price between domestic products and imported products. For example, the price of a domestic product is 10,000 yuan, and the general price abroad will be twice as high, or even more. However, when domestic users purchase, domestic products are already very high in terms of quality. In terms of production processes, including when used, they are similar in quality to some imported products from abroad. In order to save money, more users choose domestically produced inertial measurement units.

The analog output inertial measurement unit is convenient to use, its effect is good, and the frequency of use by users is getting higher and higher. However, when purchasing, it is also necessary to compare and choose a formal channel to purchase it, so that you can ensure that you are more satisfied when using this kind of instrument.