EC2000 Electronic Compass

high-performance, tilt-compensated electronic compass, widely used in antenna positioning, buoy, robotics and antenna servo system, etc.

  • Heading Accuracy: 0.3° RMS (25°C, Tilt Angle<30°)
  • Tilt Accuracy: ±0.1° (25°C, Full Range)
  • Hard/Soft Magnetic Compensation, Tilt Compensation
  • Support User Calibration, IP67 Protection
  • Wider Input Voltage: 5~24VDC
  • Interface: RS232 (default) or RS485
  • Wide Working Temperature: -40~+85ºC
  • Small Size: L113*20*20mm

Brief Introduction

EC2000 electronic compass is a high-performance, low-power consumption, tilt-compensated 3D digital compass module, which provides heading, pitch, and roll outputs for navigation. It integrates 3-axis magneto-inductive sensors, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer and central processing unit to calculate the heading data in real time and compensate the heading when it has inclination angle. These solid-state sensors create a strapdown compass that is both rugged and reliable. It adopts hard and soft magnetic calibration algorithm, uses patented calibration technology and provides high accuracy inclination signal, and it has perfect cross connect performance.

EC2000 electronic compass enjoys high accuracy, high reliability, compact size, low power consumption, low cost, it is a perfect solution for Compassing & Navigation, Dead Reckoning Backup to GPS Systems, Marine Navigation, Antenna Positioning, Buoy, Robotics and Land Surveying. And it has been successfully widely used in these fields.

Technical Specifications

Parameters                          ValueCommentsCommunication protocolPhysical parameter

Range 0~360°
Accuracy 0.3° RMS 25°C, tilt angle<30°
0.5° RMS 25°C, tilt angle<60°
1° RMS 25°C, tilt angle<85°
Resolution 0.1° Deg RMS
Tilt Angle
Range roll: ±180º , pitch: ±85º
Accuracy (full range) 0.1° 25°C
Resolution < 0.01°
Temperature Drift            (-40~+85°C) <0.5° with temperature compensation
<1° without temperature compensation
Electronical performance
Input voltage 5~24VDC
Power consumption <0.2W
Startup time ≤500ms
Environment condition
Working temperature -40~+85°C
Protection level IP67
Interface RS232 or RS485
Braud rate 2400~115200 settable
Maximum output speed 100Hz ODM supported
Dimensions (L x W x H) 113*20*20 mm
Weight 80 grams

Typical Application

EC2000 electronic compass from China factory with High Performance 3D Electronic Compass sensor is specially designed for antenna pointing and platform system integration, it is a perfect solution for Compassing & Navigation, Dead Reckoning Backup to GPS Systems, Marine Navigation, Antenna Positioning, Buoy, and Land Surveying., and has been widely applied in the following fields:

– Antenna Positioning

– Robot Orientation

– Buoy

– Laser Range Finder

– Drones and Unmanned Systems

EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor widely used in antenna pointing

Users of geostationary satellite-based communication systems have to calculate the angles needed to point their transmitting antennas toward orbiting satellites. The satellite appears to remain in one spot in the sky. Pointing a satellite antenna at a geostationary satellite is a matter of calculating the elevation and azimuth for the ground station antenna so that it points directly at the orbital location of the satellite. To realize demands on satellite automatically and quickly, the electronic compass is already an essential part of vehicle-mounted antenna servo system

SkyMEMS EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor is able to sense both direction and pitch and roll at high accuracy, which has hard and soft magnetic compensation, and it has low power consumption, and can work in harsh environment. EC2000 has been widely used in antenna pointing.

EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor widely used in Robot Orientation

For indoor robot, the dead reckoning method using only the encoder information can’t avoid the error due to slip, wheel diameter error, and uneven floor. Using electronic compass to compensate the pose error obtained from the wheel encoder. The heading angle from the electronic compass substitutes the dead reckoned heading angle, and is used to calibrate the dead reckoned position data. for outdoor robot, the electronic compass is also cost-effective solution to provide accurate heading, pitch and roll for robot orientation.

EC2000 electronic compass is IP67 protection level which is suitable for the applications in harsh environment, and has been widely used in the robot orientation.

EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor widely used in Buoy

The buoy’s sensors included two types: for air and water temperature, an anemometer for wind speed and direction and an electronic compass within the buoy to compensate for the effects of buoy rotation on wind direction.

Electronic compass is used to provide the real-time position of the wave buoy. SkyMEMS electronic compass module uses magnetic sensors with wide dynamic range and ideal linearity, it enjoys the high accuracy and reliability, it has been widely selected by buoy applications.

Product Advantages

Why Selecting EC2000 Electronic Compass?

China EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys high performance and accuracy, and high reliability. It is a popular electronic compass sensor in the market, which has the main following advantages:

  1. High Accuracy, High Performance and Powerful Functions

As a China EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor supplier is designed and produced by SkyMEMS, it enjoys excellent technical advantages:

– Heading Accuracy: 0.3° RMS (25°C, Tilt Angle<30°)

– Pitch and Roll Accuracy: ±0.1° (25°C, Full Range)

– Wider Input Voltage: 5~24VDC (up to 36VDC)

– Interface: RS232 (default) or RS485

– Wide Working Temperature: -40~+85ºC

– Widely working temperature: -40~+85°C

EC2000 3D electronic compass sensor adopts big brand components, advanced production craft, fully calibrated, advanced SkyMEMS algorithm, which assured that our products have real actual precise and perfect performance.

  1. Aerospace Level Reliability, 12-step Strictest Quality Control

We have advanced product test team and measurement equipment, and we cherish the quality as the life of the company, all our products must pass the strictest quality control procedures, our unique 12-step quality control assures our products enjoy top level quality.

  1. Competitive Price, ODM supported

With strict cost control and massive production, we can provide the most competitive cost-effective prices, and we have abundant ODM service experience for customers around the world, that is why we can build up long term win-win cooperation with our customers.

  1. Successful Applications in 10+ Fields, 100+ Customers are Using

We are continuously focusing on MEMS measurement & control technologies, and have developed the most advanced and reliable 3D electronic compass sensor EC2000. and EC2000 has been widely used in s Antenna Positioning,  Robot Orientation, Buoy, Laser Range Finder, and Drones and Unmanned Systems, etc. and now more than 1000 customers are using our electronic compass around the world.

  1. World-class Production Line, Fast Delivery

We have the world class production line to assure that the production procedures are scientific, precise and normative, which also can assure our products to be fast delivered.

  1. Service with Heart, Professional Technical Support

We have the professional technical support engineer team, which can provide 24-hour technical support and excellent after-sale service.

Serving customers with heart is the principle of SkyMEMS, Customer demand is the fundamental driving force of our development.

We treat our customers with heart, customers’ satisfaction is the direction and target of SkyMEMS. Through continuously technology innovation and service upgrading, we will realize win-win cooperation with customers.


Q: when there are any types of magnetic forces e.g. metal objects, electronics, motors etc. the electronic magnetic compass performance is typically not very good. Do your electronic compasses have the ability to work in this type of environment?

A: for your concerned about electronic compass used in the magnetic interference, this is actually a normal phenomenon for electronic compass, cause these electronic compasses are made of magnetometer sensors, which will be influenced by the surrounding magnetic field

to solve this problem, we usually suggest our customer to adopt anti-interference electronic compass (like our EC2000 electronic compass), and install the electronic compass at least 20~30cm away from the magnetic forces e.g. metal objects, electronics, motors etc. (for motors, it is better 40cm away)

and at the same time, the second magnetic calibration should be executed after the EC2000 is installed, which can compensate the magnetic interference. cause the magnetic interference is very complicated, it depends on many aspects: such as installation position, second calibration

but we are very confident to say that our EC2000 electronic compass performs better performance, it has been qualified by Chinese military and hundreds of customers around the world. It enjoys high anti-interference, better performance.

Q: Is the 0.3° heading precision constant or does it have regular spike ( derivation ) and if yes, what is the actual value of these spikes?

A: for EC2000 accuracy, 0.3° RMS 25°C, tilt angle<30°, this accuracy doesn’t have regular spike, it is less than 0.3°

Q: What is the require calibration sequence after each boot?

A: cause the magnetic interference of the application environment is different, so installing the EC2000 electronic compass module, it needs to do the user calibration, and EC2000 supports local calibration, the calibration method please refers to the manual of user calibration.

Q: What is the protocol used to communicate with the system?

A: EC2000 supports RS232 or RS485 communication interface, if you want to use LV-TTL interface, we recommend u to use our ECB100 or ECB200, which is convenient to be mounted into your boards.

Q: If we wanted to perform the user calibration through a microcontroller (in an embedded system housed inside our autonomous mini robot) so that we don’t have to connect a PC/laptop to it every time we need to calibrate the compass. So, do you have any software development kit (SDK) or API that can be used to replicate the electronic compass user calibration software in a certain programming language e.g. C/C++ for a microcontroller? That will significantly help us to perform on-site calibration on the robot without having to connect a PC externally to it.?

A: For your system, you can send the commands to do the self-calibration, you can let your system to do the calibration through sending commands, about the method please contact with us, we will provide the details. And we also can provide the dynamic database, dll, which can be used in win10, 64bit OS system. Which is really convenient for your applications.

Q: What is the main difference between ECB300 and EC2000?

A: EC2000 has casing, and it is IP67 protection, and better anti-interference, both adopt the same chips and same accuracy, ECB300 is board-based, and smaller, and easy to be integrated into your system, and ECB300 is a little cheaper than that of EC2000.

Q: whether the connector and cable length can be selected?

A: yes, no problem, please let us know the connector type and cable length you want, then we can do it.

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: for our standard model, if we have them in stock, only need 2~3days to re-test before shipping, if it is out of stock, then need around 2 weeks to arrange the production and tests. For the ODM electronic product, if needing to modify the structure, it will need around 3~4 weeks to arrange the production and tests.

Q: How to arrange the payment?

A: about the payment, please pay to our company account, the beneficiary’s name: NANJING SKY MEMS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  And our email is only to contact with u formally. To notice this to avoid the loss.