INC2000 Inclinometer

Ultra-high accuracy inclinometer, up to ±0.001°accruacy, digital or analogue interfaces, widely used in bridge and dam monitoring, medical platform, etc.

  • Super High Accuracy: ±0.001°, Range from ±5° to ±30°
  • Low Temp Drift, With Temperature Compensation
  • Temperature Coefficient: ±0.0008º/ºC
  • Multiple Output interfaces: RS485, RS232, RS422,Voltage Output, Current Output Options
  • Wide Voltage Input: 5~36V, IP67 Sealed
  • Compact and Lightweight: 93.8×55.5×26 mm, 250grams
  • Wide Working Temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Brief Introduction

INC2000 series inclinometer is super high accuracy single or dual axis inclinometer sensor, it uses a sealed
IP67 machined aluminum alloy housing, and it enjoys super high accuracy: up to ±0.001° (room
temperature) and has a wide range of options to cover a measurement range from ±5° to ±30°, and it has
multiple optional output interfaces including RS485, RS232, RS422, voltage output (0-5V or 0-10V), and
current output (4-20mA, 0-20mA, or 0-24mA). The inclinometer adopts big brand components and material,
and the cable are qualified for continuous outdoor use, and it is manufactured and calibrated in our own
factory to guarantee performance and the real accuracy to the stated specification.
Adopting SkyMEMS proprietary algorithms, which reduce the non-linearity, cross errors, quadrantal error
and installation error, the inclinometer has inherently good temperature stability, but this can be improved
further with temperature compensation over a range of different temperatures. And it enjoys high reliability
and survivability in harsh environment and the working temperature is -40~85°C. It has been widely used in
high accuracy medical platform, track gauge instrument, high building monitoring, bridge and dam
monitoring, high accuracy platform, etc

Technical Specifications

Parameter           ValueElectrical and Environment Specs

Range ±5° ±10° ±15° ±30°
Measurement Axis X-Y or X X-Y or X X-Y or X X-Y or X
Accuracy (Digital Output: RS485, RS422 and RS232) @room temp. 0.001° 0.002° 0.003° 0.004°
Accuracy (Analog Output: Voltage and Current Output) @ room temp. 0.005° 0.01° 0.02° 0.05°
Temperature Coefficient ±0.0008º/ºC
Resolution 0.001°
Output Interface Digital Output: RS485, RS422 and RS232     Analog Output: Voltage and Current Output
Output Data Frequency 5~100Hz (adjustable)
Baud Rate 2400~115200 bps
Voltage 5-36VDCs
Current Digital output: <15mA@24V;                                Analogue output: 45mA@24V
Startup Time 1.5s
Working Temperature -40~+85°C
Storage Temperature -50~+125°C
Protection Level IP67
Physical Specs
Dimension 93.8×55.5×26 mm
Weight 250grams
Connector 7pin mini aviation connector
Cable Length 1meter

Typical Application

INC2000 series inclinometer is high performance super accuracy MEMS-based inclinometer, which has been widely used in the following fields:

INC2000 series inclinometer has been widely used in high speed train track gauge leveling

Railway track geometry quality has a decisive influence on the dynamic performance of the vehicle, and railway operating safety and passenger comfort depend to a large extent on the smoothness of the railway track, especially for high-speed railways. Our inclinometer has been widely used in the high speed train track gauge leveling applications.
SkyMEMS is dedicated in the design and manufacture of inclinometer sensors for measuring angles and have developed different series of inclinometers with different output interfaces.
We have many types of inclinometers with competitive price and performance levels suited forhigh speed train track gauge leveling applications.

INC2000 series inclinometer has been widely used in bridge and dam monitoring

Deflection of a bridge span under designed loads is an important parameter for bridge safety evaluation. However, it is inconvenient to obtain the bridge deflections directly. SkyMEMS offers a simple, practical and inexpensive method of measuring static and dynamic deflections of bridge spans under loads, even for bridge spans that traverse great heights. SkyMEMS inclinomters are widely used in bridge and dam monitoring, the inclinometers are installed on the bridge and dam directly, which increases measurement efficiency greatly.

INC2000 series inclinometer has been widely used in dam monitoring

Dams are remarkable civil engineering accomplishments that provide vital resources such as electricity and irrigation. However, these structures are actually constantly moving in very minuscule amounts of tilt. To be certain a dam is aging well, engineers need to effectively use tilt monitoring systems.To be certain that the dam has a healthy lifespan, it’s up to engineers to ensure these very tiny movements do not develop into major ones.

To rig a dam with an accurate measurement system, a series of tiltmeters are typically mounted in a vertical section. In this way, deformation can be measured at a number of specific elevations relative to each sensor. The deformation of the dam can be tracked on a regular basis at all hours of the day, in any weather condition.

SkyMEMS inclinometers are widely used in dam monitoring, the inclinometers are installed on the dam directly, which increases measurement efficiency greatly. SkyMEMS INC2000 inclinometers have significant engineering application value and a promising future in measuring dam deformation, and it has been widely used in the dam status monitoring, and now more than thousands of dams are using SkyMEMS inclinometers to monitor their status.


Product Advantages

Why Selecting INC2000 Series 0.001° Accuracy Inclinometer??


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